Bluestar Linux – common-gma3600-2013.07.04 – Release


The new 2013.07.04 Bluestar Common Gma3600 edition has been released and is available for download from the Bluestar Linux downloads area. This release introduces a number of new and useful  features, including new icons for shutdown/reboot/logout/screenlock, and extended language installation options.

The following is a list of the changes made for common-2013.07.04:

  • new kernel v3.9.8
  • bluestar linux bootsplash for installations
  • modified oxygen theme for kdm
  • added mono runtime and compilers, gutenprint, kdeutils-print-manager
  • added lib32-gcc-libs, smtube, wine-mono, xsp
  • syslogging enabled by default
  • syslinux splash
  • rf device fix
  • fixed double kmix instance in non-root desktop
  • new language/locale/desktop-language selection installer options
  • removed openbox, catfish, deadbeef, kadu, lilo
  • removed juk, kscd, spacefm, batti, sound-juicer
  • new ksplash theme (BslxLinux_Green)
  • first screen of installer removed
  • new shutdown/logout/reboot/power icons
  • all software up to date as of 07/04

The new language and locale installer options have been improved and augmented for common-2013.07.04. Linguassist is now integrated into the installation for installing language packs in advance. This is important because the new desktop language installer option will allow users to set the language for their KDE environment, as long as the proper KDE language pack has been installed.

A good deal of work has been done to stabilise Linguassist in preparation for this release. The following changes have been made:

  • installing to mount points other than the local root directory
  • checking for a valid network connection with retry
  • syncing of repository databases
  • package status refresh after installation in case of error
  • fixes to source code and exception handling for stability
  • fixed startup script and menu item to pass environment at runtime

This release also integrates the new mini icon set announced several days ago at The new icons are defined as an extension of the usual KFaenza icon set giving users a choice between the standard or the extended set. The new icons are for the following:

  • shutdown
  • restart
  • reboot
  • suspend
  • hibernate
  • switch user
  • screen lock
  • logout


I hope the latest changes provide users with a more enjoyable Linux experience. As usual, users are encouraged to contact me with any issues or comments either via the bluestar forums, the Bluestar Linux Facebook page (, or by messaging me via the bluestar website.

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