Bluestar Linux – common-gma3600-2013.08.19 – Release


The new 2013.08.19 Bluestar Common Gma3600 edition has been released and is available for download from the Bluestar Linux downloads area. This release introduces autologin by default to the live instance, and autologin configuration to the installer.

The following is a list of the changes made for common-gma3600-2013.08.19:

  • new kernel v3.10.6
  • new, more stable version of SystemDX
  • enabled autologin for live instances
  • added autologin configuration to installer
  • added icedtea java browser plugin
  • all software up to date as of 08/19

Users are encouraged to contact me with any issues or comments either via the Bluestar forums, the Bluestar Linux Facebook page, or by messaging me via the Bluestar website.

A description of the differences between the 3 editions (base, common and full) can be found here.

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