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What Is Distrolist.org ?
This is a new blog where distributors from any Linux distribution can create an account, and make a blog post about their new release, as long as you follow our rules ;)

This site should be similar to distrowatch.com differing only, in the way that it should be easier to get your distributions listed. This site was created, and is maintained by the head Developer of the JULinux Distribution project.

What do we get out of this ? – Why Use Distrolist.org ?
Distrolist.org exists because there are too many new Linux distributions that aren’t being listed in one place like distrowatch.com. Yes this site was started by JULinux, but we aren’t in this just to promote our own distribution. People are continuing to post new posts to this site all the time, and that means that this site is going to continue growing in popularity. As this site continues to increase in popularity so will the exposure of the posts made here. If everyone makes a post every time there is a new release of their distribution, just like distrowatch.com, then their exposure will continue to increase. I’m not holding any secrets back, our submit page gives away all our secrets for free. You just follow the directions and it helps you out. We do make money off of the adds on this site, and right now that barely covers the expenses of hosting and domains every year, but we are noticing that as usage of this site increases so does our income from this site. We in no way encourage you to click the links, Google adsense forbids us from doing that.

What you get out of this.
Your Linux distribution or software project will continue to increase it’s site hits, downloads, and users every time you post a new distribution release to this site. Every time the Admin is made aware of a new post, he will post a link to your post, on every known social media site on the internet, and search engine submission site. This will make it easier for people to find your Linux project / distribution in search engines by users. Because this site allows newer projects to be listed, people who subscribe to this site will see distributions released that no one else knows about. Our submission page goes into more detail about how we help get you more exposure. We are excited, and honored to have each and every distributor as a member of this site.

How To List Your Project
To submit a distribution simply go to our how to submit page, and then create an account on this WordPress site. Once your account is approved you will be able to list any upcoming distribution releases that you have. We aren’t picky, but we want you to avoid sexual innuendos, profanity, any nudity, piracy, or illegal activity. We also want you to stick to our format for blog posts. Once your first post is approved, you should have no problem doing future blog posts. Sense Distrowatch seems busy, I think we should start with the distributions on the back list, and work towards the more recognized ones. We need volunteers, moderators, etc.

So sign up today, and let us know what your interested in doing. Thanks and God bless you all !

FYI we found that Linux distributions submitted to distrowatch.com in 2004 still aren’t listed as of 05-27-2013. This is sad because this means that good, quality,  popular Linux Distributions are not getting the proper exposure needed to keep them alive.

We believe in free and open source Linux distributions, and other distributions and projects, having an equal right to be listed on a distribution list website; so long as they are not hateful, evil, immoral, or unethical.

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