BASIS 4 “Simplicity”-Development 3-28/12/2013

BBG96W7uf38qKyw6JnLh27jP4vFE2T6U_231I am proud to present, after a long hiatus, the new version of my distribution of Linux called “BASIS”. Already at version 4, this release is the FIRST release to not use the SuseStudio site and make popular Ubuntu as its base. This version of BASIS 4 “Simplicity” is based off Ubuntu GNOME 13.10. In a few builds time, BASIS 4 will be based off Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 LTS.

A screenshot of BASIS 4 will be available in the next few builds. Please do look out for them.

Download link to BASIS 4 is right here:

BASIS “Slate” Final Release_1.0.0_11/08/2013

helloAfter a hiatus, I have finally come back to this website to give a huge announcement…

The development of BASIS “Slate” has finally reached it’s final release. As usual, this version of BASIS has GNOME, but now it has additional changes.

Cinnamon icons FOR GNOME Desktop Environment
Chromium Web browser added (for those who love Chrome)
Conky (like a task manager)

Nothing much changed to BASIS from my last post, but stay tuned because BASIS “Slate” updates may be released.


Desktop environments available for BASIS:
Cinnamon 2D

Comments? Just type them down in the comments section :)

RECOMMENDED System requirements:
intel Core 2 Duo or above/ AMD Athlon Neo
2GB RAM or more

BASIS “Cinnamon” Alpha v2 – x64_0.03_8/7/2013

After weeks of development, I have finally come up with the 64-bit version of BASIS. This time it’s codenamed “Cinnamon” for a reason and this reason is that the Desktop Environment is now Cinnamon and not GNOME. So I added some incentives for those who wants to use a 64-bit BASIS. But all operations should be the same with BASIS 64-bit (I call it x64 even though it’s x86). This version of BASIS is built using the awesome service by

 Desktop of Alpha v2 Cinnamon


  • CINNAMON Desktop Environment
  • 64-bit version
  • Built from openSUSE 12.2

This PC works on PCs with x86 architecture. But this version is optimised for the 64-bit PCs. You can try booting it off USB/Live Disc because this version has a Live Installer instead of a first boot installer.

System requirements:
intel Centrino 2 /AMD Athlon Neo @ 2GHz
2GB RAM or more
15GB size or more
Feedback/Download/Bug Reports:

BASIS “Slate” Alpha v2_ 0.03 _ 29/06/2013

helloDescription: BASIS is a Linux-based operating system made with OpenSuSe 12.3 and also the GNOME 3 shell. Built using SuseStudio, this independent Linux distribution is targeted towards users running computers of the 32-bit family. Although this version of BASIS is a 32-bit version, a optimised 64-bit BASIS may be published shortly with greater to similar features.

This distribution works on a computer with at least a x86 based processor. This MAY work on a x64 based computer as well.

To report bugs, please comment on the download page for the distro.

System requirements:
Processor: intel Core 2 Duo @ 2GHz or higher / AMD Athlon Neo or higher
RAM: 1GB or higher
GPU: Nvidia GeForce / ATI Radeon
Storage space: 10GB or higher
Download site: