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Ok here are a few simple rules to getting your distribution listed. Please do yourself a favor and read these before you get started.

1. Create a wordpress account on this page and log in.

2. Send a message to the site admin. an email address

3. The Admin will give you permissions so you can make a post. (read further instructions before you post)


Here is how your blog post should look.

Distribution Name _ Version _ Release Date

Tiny Screenshot URL

Tiny Screenshot URL

Description: (Example) JULinuXP is an awesome Linux Distribution designed at making the transition from Windows to Linux even easier by giving you the interface you have been comfortable using from Windows 98 – Windows 7 with some added features. In this release privacy and security have been a top concern. All browsers have privacy add-ons installed, and use duckduckgo by default for searching online. JULinuXP uses the MATE Desktop environment allowing for faster speeds, and lower system requirements. All spyware has been removed, and any extra startup programs are disabled. This distribution release is based on Ubuntu 12.10. A variant called JULinOX OS is also available for Mac users.
This distribution release works on 64 bit PCs.
———————————————————– Site:
Main Home Page:
Download Page:
Facebook Page:
Other Social Media Page(s) http://socialmediapage/JULinux
Intro Video:
The Readme can be found at….. OR for more information see…..

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT ! In order to support this site, you are REQUIRED to put adcode in your text, once you have completed it and add: <!–Ads1–> at the top of the text code and <!–Ads2–> at the end of the text code. To enter text mode, click the Text tab when editing your post.

Try to keep your Blog posts short and too the point. After your Blog post is accepted and posted, you should put links to your post on all social media pages you have accounts too, and send out a mass e-mail to all your subscribed users. This will help promote your distribution, and our site. We hope this is an easy process for you. Please comment if you have any questions. After your post is made, the admin may make edits and changes to help the post look better, and provide links the original poster may have left out.
ALSO IMPORTANT: For the maximum exposure for your distribution and post here, you should go to and and submit this article you posted there after posting here. How you do this, is after you make your post here, you simply right click on the Title of your post on the main page, and copy the link, or open in new tab and copy the link. Then make your post on and (brief posts) that won’t have your screenshots, videos, ect. because it’s harder to do that on and (unless you choose to figure it out) and then put the source of the article as the link to your post on this site so people can see the full post with your screenshots and everything in their full glory. Put yourself as the author. Then share those posts on lxer and slashdot with everyone you know on your facebook pages and other social sites too. This will help with exposure. The Admin also Likes your project’s facebook page as the Facebook page.¬†You may also choose to put the links to your release announcements on your own Facebook, Twitter, and other social pages as well. By sharing the link to your post on your FB, Twitter, and other sites, you will show that you have been accepted on and your project or distribution will look more professional.
To add a G+ Share button at the bottom of your post (in Text Mode Not Visual) paste this code at the bottom of your post:

<!– Place this tag where you want the +1 button to render. –>
<div class=”g-plusone” data-annotation=”inline” data-width=”300″></div>

<!– Place this tag after the last +1 button tag. –>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
(function() {
var po = document.createElement(‘script’); po.type = ‘text/javascript’; po.async = true;
po.src = ‘’;
var s = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s);

All posts made on will be posted on our Facebook page, twitter, G+ and other sites like dispora, but the Admin does not get notifications when you make a new blog post, so under Users you should be able to message the Admin after making your post so he can share it. The Admin does get notifications of comments on this site.

Remember to keep posts clean, no sexual innuendos, bad words, put downs, or anything that would obviously upset anyone.
If you have any trouble message the site Administrator. After creating an account on this page, in order to post blog posts you must send a message to the Administrator containing your proposed Blog Post.

May God Bless You ! (Yes I know that might upset someone but I own the site ! )

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  2. Thank you, your now an Author. Go to the main page, and after logging in, go to the administrative page, and click Posts > Add New. ;)
    Enjoy !
    Thanks for registering Waves of the Future !
    Quelitu must be your project I’m guessing.

  3. Ok. Registered, logged in and went to the main page, and see nothing similar to a link to an administrative page other than a link to Dashboard. Absolutely nothing like Posts->Add New.

    Is there something I’m missing?


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