Welcome to JULinux 12 !

JULinux, is and always has been a Christian Linux Distribution, and Is and always was POWERED BY JESUS !!! We are not ashamed of Jesus.

It's Time To Upgrade
JULinux 12 comes in x86_64 (64 bit) & i386 (32 bit).
JULinux 12 is based on Ubuntu 16.04, but with many improvements.
As always JULinux is designed to be the easiest Linux Distribution to use.


One of the biggest new features is that OpenOffice comes fully loaded with templates and clip-art out of the box.

giving a donation http://mindblowingidea.com/julinuxwordpress/donate/ to help this project live on.

How To Install.
Full Tutorial here: http://mindblowingidea.com/julinuxwordpress/support/upgrade-from-vis…8-1-or-windows-9/


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JULinux 10 x86_64 02-04-2015

JULinux, is and always has been a Christian Linux Distribution, and Is and always was POWERED BY JESUS !!! We are not ashamed of Jesus.

Windows 10 VS JULinux 10, See below:

JULinux is still designed, to make the process of upgrading from Windows to Linux easy, user friendly, and as fun and exciting as possible. In this version we have included OpenOffice, only included trusted Open Source web browsers, and the best, most essential software packages that are also easy to use and lightweight. We also included our signature FinishInstall script, that gives users the option to install all the packages from “Linux Game Over”, Netflix-Desktop, vlc media player, OpenShot Video Editor, PlayOnLinux, an many more. You can download JULinux 10 now via torrent, or direct download at the following Link: http://mindblowingidea.com/julinuxwordpress/download/ (Direct Download Available on 08-05-2014)

Instructions and Overview


You can read all about that in our readme file:


This readme will go over getting support, what the full version installer contains,
and what you can expect.

What is JULinux, and who is it for ?
JULinux or Just Use Linux, is a distribution currently based off of Xubuntu 14.04 LTS
With a user friendly interface, that makes users feel right at home, coming from
Windows XP, 7, 2000, Vista, and 8.1. JULinux has the capability to run Windows Software
as well as tons of superior Open Source software as well. By default JULinux 10 comes
packaged in a 1.4 GB .iso file that you can burn to a DVD, or install to a USB thumbdrive.
Once installed, the user can run the Upgrade icon on the desktop to get even more.
JULinux is one of the few modern distributions, to include OpenOffice !
OpenOffice is the most compatible, and capable Office Suite that we are aware of, and it
comes by popular request.

The full Upgrade option, allows the user to install Netflix for Linux, and many other
useful applications.

JULinux has been featured on several websites, and news articles.

Getting support is easy, all you need to do is open the Seamonkey Browser,  and
the links for help and support will be in the bookmarks. We have forum
as well as commercial support options. We also have an FAQ page.

The following packages will be installed by the FinishInstall script,
called the “Upgrade To Full Version of JULinux” icon on the Desktop.
Some packages are optional, and you will be asked before installing them.

vlc playonlinux p7zip-full p7zip-rar rar xubuntu-restricted-extras xubuntu-restricted-addons openshot blender flashplugin-installer winetricks audacity soundconverter k3b devede acidrip netflix-desktop warzone2100 supertux supertuxkart urbanterror teeworlds frozen-bubble 0ad 3dchess airstrike alienblaster amphetamine antigravitaattori armagetronad asciijump asylum atomix balder2d barrage berusky billard-gl biniax2 black-box blobandconquer blobby bloaboats blockout2 brainparty btanks bygfoot chromium-bsu einstein extremetuxracer five-or-more flare foobillardplus four-in-a-row freecraft freedroid frozen-bubble funnyboat gnome-chess gnome-hearts gnome-klotski gnome-mahjongg gnome-mastermind gnome-mines gnome-nibbles gnome-robots gome-sudoku gnome-tetravex gnubik gnuchess gnugo gtkatlantic gtkpool gunroar holdingnuts iango lbreakout2 lightsoff liquidwar ltris maelstorm megaglest minetest mokomaze monopd monsterz moon-buggy moon-lander netmaze netpanzer neverball neverputt openarena pacman performous pingus quadrapassel scorched3d slimevolley smc snake4 snowballz supertux supertuxkart swell-foop tali teeworlds tennix tetzle tomatoes transcend warzone2100 wesnoth widelands xblast xmoto zaz virtualbox

Ben Fitzpatrick is a top level contributor
He helped, and provided a computer to develop and compile on”

Featured at LinuxTracker, SourceForge.net, FamousWhy.com, & Distrolist

Installing is very easy:

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