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JULinux is a 64 bit distribution, based on Ubuntu 12.10. The main goal is to eliminate excuses for Windows and Mac users to keep usingĀ inferiorĀ Operating Systems, so that they will Just Use Linux. JULinuXP has an interface similar to Windows 98, 2000, XP, and 7 so that users don’t need to wory about a huge learning curve. Most all of the software they need is already installed, and everything is extremely simple.
JULinOX OS is very similar to Mac OS X, however you would expect JULinOX OS to use a 3D desktop, but it doesn’t. Both JULinuXP and OX OS use the MATE Desktop without COMPIZ so that it sill runs very fast. All adds, and privacy invaders have been removed. Another important note is 9 out of 10 Windows users who try JULinuXP in live mode decide to switch or dual boot. Only 1 out of 10 decides not even to dual boot.
For more detailed info please read the readme files either found on our FTP server links, or in the files sections on our sourceforge.net site. There are also helpfull videos on this page.

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How Linux Is Made

JULinux / Ultumix History from 2006 – 2011

Linux Origins – Everyone Should Watch This

See The Making of JULinux ETPE BETA01 & 02

If you would like to contact our legal department please see the Open Invention Network below:

Special thanks to the Free Software Foundation for their involvement in making GNU Linux Free Software, and to everyone else who has contributed to any software, code, or anything that has helped produce what we used to make JULinux.

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