JULinux Features

JULinux has many features, here are a few.

  1. Easy To Use Familiar Interface (Like Windows or Mac )
  2. Comes Installed With Many Easy To Use Programs.
  3. Has ClamAV so you can scan your Windows partition for viruses and remove them from the Live DVD, or dual boot.
  4. Educational programs for Children and Adults.
  5. Fun Games, and Windows Compatibility Via PlayOnLinux.
  6. Supports the Steam Game Platform.
  7. MSDOS and Windows reverse compatibility not found in Modern versions of Microsoft Windows.
  8. Simple and advanced Graphics tools like KolourPaint, GIMP, Blender 3D, and LibreCad just to name a few.
  9. Secure web browsers, with anonymity add-ons and features to make sure you have the most secure and safe web browsing experience possible.
  10. You get to decide what JULinux will be like. Your Feedback is used to decide what programs, features, and configurations come standard in JULinux !
  11. A full Office suite that does everything you need, and is compatible with Microsoft Office formats so you don’t have to spend money on an Office Suite. Saves college students money !
  12. Your in Control ! With other Operating Systems and software if a hint is given to the software that any software, music, videos, or media is pirated; the system may lock down and restrict your access. Also other software usually ends up restricting what you can do. You may be treated like a criminal while innocent. The only limit with JULinux is what you can think of to do.
  13. Powerful Advanced Audio and Video and Editing Tools. JULinux comes with OpenShot Video Editor, Audacity Audio Editor & Effects, DeVeDe DVD Creator, K3b CD/DVD burner suite, and Ardour Digital Audio Workstation. You can also choose to install LMMS Linux Multimedia Studio. When OpenShot Video Editor is combined with Blender 3D as a plugin, it renders truly awe inspiring 3D animations that are one of a kind. Audacity has over 340 professional effects, along with many more features.
  14. Great Video and Audio players. The video players your use to like VLC, Totem, and more are installed. Rhythmbox works with your mobile devices like Android, iPhone, iPod, and other devices.
  15. Powerful System Tools allow you to clean up your system, and also clean up the root user, identify files that are taking up too much space, manipulate any file on your system with root permissions, backup your system, and customize your boot screen and other preferences.
  16. A complete FAQ that is constantly being updated and added to, to help make your user experience better.
  17. Commercial and Free Support.
  18. Universal access with the Orca Screen Reader, that brings text to speech to the Linux Desktop, as well as an on screen keyboard.
  19. Find all your files easily in the Places Menu.
  20. JULinux’s interface is lightweight, fast, and powerful, but not dull looking !
  21. The Ubuntu Software Center allows for commercial and free software, for a great Variety of Software to choose from.

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