JULinux Projects

We are constantly working on new projects, and project ideas. Here are a few.

  1. JULinOX OS (JULinux designed for Mac Users switching to Linux)
  2. JULinuXP (JULinux designed for Windows Users switching to Linux)
  3. JULinux 10 (A New JULinux Distribution Built From Scratch)
  4. JULinux Lite (A 32 bit JULinux distribution that runs fast, and does everything)
  5. Raspberry Pi distribution. (An SDcard Image similar to JULinux Lite)
  6. Distrolist.org (A Place where anyone can get their distribution listed)
  7. The Open Source Christian Community (Providing an Open Source way for people to get to know Jesus and His word, not filtering the source)
  8. Man VS Junk (Entertainment that helps earn extra ad revenue)

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