I just started using julinux a few days ago.  So far it has been easy to switch from Windows XP and I’m just barely computer literate!” Glenda Rockefeller

“JULinux Prepper Edition I’m likeing this thank you it much faster on p.c then other linux software faster then mint 64 bit 2013 Chad Dickens

it is so much better than windows or macmore user friendly and easier to use…i am super happy with JULinux!” Cody Long

For me, I like to make the analogy that my operating system is like my car — I know there’s no real magic, but there HAS to be a certain minimum level of maintenance — I hate to work on a car!, but I like less being relegated to a ditch at night in the rain with no idea of what to do to get on down the road.  With an operating system, I like “toughness”, dependability and keeping “being broken down” by viruses, stupid things I did, and speed. JULINUX does these things for me and I have far fewer problems with Linux/Ubuntu than any other system I have tried — it’s great!
Tom Hardy

“JULinux Ultimate Edition I think it sounds cool personally and I like the beta of it so far…”

Ben Fitzpatrick

“Stable and works.”Posted by Ian

I work with High-Availability Servers on a daily basis. We have to remotely access them with Windows desktops. We’re always having problems with the desktops. At home, I’ve gotten to the point I would like something that is similar, but actually reliable. I’ve always known Linux as being reliable, JULinux I can easily migrate my wife and family to, without having to retrain them. As stated by others, I too am impressed at how fast it installs compared to other DISTRO’s, even faster that MINT (which I had tried on the same Laptop, just prior to installing JULinux). It’s very user friendly and the menus are easy to understand. It quickly connected to my printer and EZblueServer. I’m very satisfied. Definitely something I can use at home, and possibly at work. Posted by Chris Markis
“Have tried MOST of the other Linux distros. JULinux is the BEST by far! Download it. Try it. You won’t be disappointed! Posted by Dave Puckett

“So I’m basically browsing youtube and come across a video talking about the greatness of JULinux8. It gives a link for download, talks about all the merits of the Linux OS, how awesome it runs and looks, and shows how easy it is to install JULinux8. So I do just that. Format a USB card and extract the one big JULinux8 file onto the USB drive. Start up an old laptop that has no hard drive at all and boot from the USB drive. To my surprise this very nice operating system boots up from the USB drive and it works. I can even start Mozilla FireFox and browse the internet. Dang, this is sweet. And to top it off, they say JULinux8 requires no virus protection software whatesoever. Even sweeter…” “Sure does. I immediately liked how smooth it was, even though it was accessing from the USB drive (I’ll install it once I buy a cheap HD for the laptop). Being that JULinux8 is my first experience with a linux OS, and being that I liked it, is there another free linux based OS that gives JULinux a run for its money? I don’t know much about it at all, only that I like it. And it appears they advertise that it can run COD:Modern Warfare and Crysis or something like that. So I wonder if JULinux is more of a linux OS geared to a gamer or???” TerribleTwo

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