Yearly Cost

Having the internet server, and domains cost us about $200+ a year.
Computer Hardware costs us about $2,000 a year.
CDs, DVDs, cost us about $200 a year.
Hiring help for development hasn’t happened yet because we can’t afford it.
Internet Costs are $360 a year + a once a year charge on top of that that changes from year to year.  Electricity and other utilities comes to $4,120.00
Rent is $7,200 a year. This comes to a total cost of operations at $12,280 without tax. This does not factor in travel or eating expenses, pleasure, time off, or miscellaneous. This is a modest figure. I’m also needing more External 1TB or Larger Hard Drives constantly. I rarely have the money to spend on new hardware.

Currently ad revenue from videos, and this web page generate about $1,658.10 a year on average. This last year a donation of $600 was made. This brings the total up to $2,258.10 leaving a balance due of $−10,021.9 meaning that not including the work hours and development put into this project we need at least $10,021.90 in additional funding this year alone. An average of about 10,000 people a year get a copy of JULinux either from a friend, or by downloading it. If each person who used JULinux donated $2.00 that would help a lot. Not everyone can donate, but you can also help us earn revenue by sharing the videos at and watching them yourself. Also remember that donating by PayPal takes a chunk out of your donation, so sending a check to our mailing address will help too:
Justin Breithaupt
PO Box 434
171 24th Street
Pomeroy WA, 99347
Having Developers to help me develop an original Linux Distribution From Scratch, or to do things I’m not currently able to do on my own, would cost between $30,000 – $100,000 a month depending on the programmer. Most average for $75,000 a month.

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