You can Download JULinux and install it yourself for free, or you can send your Device to us, with return postage, and also enclose $75.00 USD
Or Check made out to Justin Breithaupt
Enclose your name, telephone number, return address, and e-mail.
Send your device to:
Justin-Breithaupt:Family of Breithaupt
PO Box 483
Pomeroy WA, [99347]
509-730-5576 (Monday – Friday 10 AM – 8 PM PST)

We do not install JULinux on Android Devices. We will attempt to run JULinux in live mode first to check Driver Compatibility, prior to installing it. If there are complications we will attempt to contact you first. If JULinux is not fully compatible and you don’t want it on your device, we will return it to you, along with your payment, free of charge, as long as you include return shipping. We can not be held liable for what happens during shipping, and we are not liable for this software under the GPL. Do not expose your devices to heat, cold, or humidity, as this can and probably will damage your devices. We install JULinux on Laptops, tablets, and computers that are Windows compatible. We do not install JULinux on cell phones or Android devices. The only way we can ensure that we will receive your package, and that you will get your package, is if you send it via USPS, and Certify Mail it. Please also call us and give us the tracking number. The number above is a Google Voice number, and an old lady may answer the phone, if this happens, just leave a message for Justin Breithaupt with your name and phone number.

JULinux 10 x86_64 2015 Powered By Jesus


All available downloads, can be found at


 JULinux 32 bitPowered by Jesus Christ



JULinuXP (Windows) or JULinOX OS (Mac)

Get JULinuXP or JULinOX OS. JULinuXP looks and acts like Windows, and JULinOX OS Looks and acts like Mac OS. The Choice Is Yours.

Get JULinuXP or JULinOX OS. JULinuXP looks and acts like Windows, and JULinOX OS Looks and acts like Mac OS. The Choice Is Yours.

NOTE: For Best Results, (Fast Install) first boot in live mode, backup all your files on your disks that are important, then use gparted to erase your Hard Drive. Then reboot and choose the install option. The Ubiquity installer seems to take forever to scan a hard drive that already contains other operating systems.
TORRENT DOWNLOAD NOTE: Some people have trouble with the Torrent downloads because they aren’t willing to wait. Using Transmission, or Vuze will work best. Leave the torrent open for a day or two, and you should see significant progress. The torrent will start.

Main Mirror Available Here: (may be slower or faster than other options below)

LinuxFreedom Download Page:

Download JULinuXP ETPE 2013

Download Button For JULinuXP ETPE 2013 Download Link for JULinuXP

Download JULinOX OS 2013

Direct Download ButtonDownload Link For JULinOX OS

Other Files: ETPE

How To Install JULinux on PC

How To Install JULinux On A Mac

User Submitted Video.

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