Quick Start Guide

Welcome To Linux

Welcome and thank you for Installing JULinux on your PC.

You are awesome !

Here are some quick things you need to think about before getting started with JULinux.

  1. Check out our FAQ page, and Support page. Get signed up with our mailing list.
  2.  Freedom SoftwareWhat is more important to you, Freedom or Convenience ? JULinux comes pre-installed with almost 100% free software, or as it is also commonly called Open Source software. Adobe Flash Player comes pre-installed allowing you to run any Flash code in your web browser, however Adobe Flash Player is proprietary and not Open Source, so that means you can’t see the source code, and PRISM, Microsoft, Google, Mac, and other companies, hackers, and governments could be using it to spy on you, collect your private data, and sell the information to their partners, governments, telemarketers, and even terrorists and you don’t intend for your information to go to them. While it is convenient to have Flash Player installed, and most users will insist on having it and using it, you will have more freedom by installing Gnash, as it is Free Software / Open Source, and you and others can look at the source code and verify exactly what it does. Gnash plays videos on Youtube, and works on other sites as well, but Gnash doesn’t always work where Adobe Flash Player does. So you have to choose, freedom or convenience. Another important Note is that with more proprietary code, the larger it is, and the longer it will take to load.
  3. Keeping Your Information Private and Secure on the web. As you can see there is an icon on your desktop called Midori and while it won’t put you threw Tor’s onion network, it will do it’s best to keep from sending out private information on the web. You will also be much better off using Dispora for social media instead of Facebook or Google+. Dispora also has the option to share your private posts on your existing Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr profiles as well, and uses hashtags. At some point Dispora will offer Pages and Groups just like Facebook. You also should find a free e-mail service online that sends encrypted e-mails to users, and does not share information with any government or company. Here is a great E-mail service: https://mail.riseup.net/ or https://www.sendinc.com/ Another option is TOR. You will also want to check these out: http://prism-break.org/
  4. PC Access: Never install any SSH software that allows people into your computer or remote desktop software, and be careful what websites you go to, and what access they have over your PC. If you are ever worried, simply install JULinux in a virtual machine using virtualbox.
  5. For ultimate privacy, you can use a separate PC for all your communications that has no proprietary software on it.
  6. If you install Proprietary Software such as Skype, Steam, Netflix-Desktop, Google Chrome, and Commercial software that is not open source.
  7. Suggest Improvements and Changes.
  8. Donate
  9. Tell your Friends !

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