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7 Responses to Support

  1. chad1820 says:

    just wanted to ask if you can put server software next julinux software that comes out thanks a lot and god bless

  2. chad1820 says:

    windows server 2003 and windows server 20111

    • Well it all has to be Open Source software that is “included”. I’ll have to talk to my friends and ask what Open Source Alternatives exist.
      Tell me what software in Windows Server 2011 do you use ? and in 2003 ?
      Personally I went to college for 2003 and the professor and myself agreed the interface was extremely confusing.
      In my experience servers you remotely access seem to preform the best.

  3. chad1820 says:

    her some thing new and is called net runner is runs super fast is cloud computing software and google uploads fast and steam is free but i dont know if you want that in software and it just like have a server software online stroge and on line chat skype i dont use but fire fox is faster and it has a pinter buttion on the command list and you have you tube just to let you know justing that it thanks and god bless

  4. TheFSM says:

    Out of four installs this is the best Linux distro I have tried so far. It took a long time to download (I let it go overnight at about 300K/s) but it was worth it. If you are a Windows user the interface will feel very familiar.

    I primarily use Linux in a Virtual Machine (VMWare) running on my Windows 7 computer. I need windows for work but prefer to run some apps in Linux to isolate them from my computer. Skype is one of these apps.

    When downloading Skype for Linux, which Linux distro should I select for download?

    Thank you!

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