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This Just In: It is now Confirmed that Microsoft Collaborated with the NSA
The JULinux project has been warning you about this sense 1999 when we were informed that Microsoft was working on what it called “Project Longhorn” (that Microsoft called Top Secret) by an insider who worked at Microsoft. According to the insider this project was designed to send all your data on your PC back to Microsoft, to share with it’s partners as you agreed to in Microsoft’s EULA. Microsoft also claims in it’s new EULA that it is above the law !

Security and Privacy are one of our top concerns. No one should have access to your information unless you “Choose” to share data with someone else.

Now with Google, Yahoo, and Bing your information is at everyone’s fingertips.
That’s why JULinux does NOT invade your privacy by using such search engines and protects your privacy. So now you can feel all warm and fuzzy inside using JULinux, weather you use JULinXP or JULinOX OS.

We can’t prevent you from voluntarily sharing your information on Facebook or other social media sites. We can’t prevent you from using e-mail, and private messaging that companies like Microsoft, and the Government have access to. What we can do is provide you with tools like TOR web browser and Google Chromium. Chromium is Open Source, and you can turn off all tracking software, cookies, etc. but if you don’t trust Google, you can use the TOR web browser, that works on the onion network. There are a lot of ways you can stay off the grid. In the final version of JULinux you will also find DuckDuckGO as the default search provider. Duck Duck GO explains why you don’t want your search engine to track you, and tells you things you can do about it. The final release will have all these benefits installed in each browser, by default. Logo

The Most Secure, and Private Way To Search.

DRM and Trusted Computing are very dangerous invaders of your Privacy. Other software, especially commercial software contains DRM and Trusted Computing technology. DRM was originally designed to protect music, software, and video from being pirated on the internet. Trusted Computing is used to restrict what you can use on your own computer, cell phone, or other device. Trusted Computing prevents you from installing any software, or having any content that the manufacturer (whoever made / sold / or maintains the software or device) does not want you to have on there. A great example would be Microsoft’s XBOX that used Trusted Computing to attempt to stop users from using their XBOX as a PC, and to prevent them from copying games to the hard drive.

The bottom line is that JULinux has many web browsing options, that don’t invade your privacy. Midori web browser, Firefox, and Chromium, all outfitted with the latest in privacy extensions, and duckduckgo search engine.

Privacy invaders use more RAM, CPU, and Bandwidth, so Just Use Linux !

Here are some very interesting things you should think about and know about in order to increase your privacy online, and security.

Is there anything else you can do ?
YES ! For the most security and privacy, don’t use any closed source or proprietary software. use only free software that allows you to see the source code, because otherwise you never know who or what is spying on you, and what the software is doing. Steam, Netflix, Skype, Google Chrome, and other proprietary software can and probably does spy on you, and the companies that own spying software sell your information, or give it away for free to their partners, and the Government. Flash player, and Java also allow hackers to get into your computer (potentially) and so the best thing to do is replace flash player with gnash, but keep in mind that gnash doesn’t work with everything. Sacrifices will have to be made for security, privacy, and freedom.